Red Kite Fund

The Red Kite Fund (501c3) is a nonprofit organization that supports elite and professional cyclists with funds raised through event promotion, charitable donation, and industry partnership. Our goal is to become the most recognizable community-supported professional cyclocross program in the country and demonstrate a sustainable model that can inspire others.

About Red Kite Fund

The United States is comprised of vibrant regional cyclocross racing communities, such as the Ohio Valley. However, limited opportunities and support exist for racers ready to make the leap from succeeding at local races to the professional ranks. The Red Kite Elite Cyclocross program aims to provide professional cyclocross racers the resources needed to compete in a full UCI cyclocross season so that they can reach their full potential.

In addition, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the development of our cycling community and dedication to growing sponsorship from regional as well as national sources.
We believe that a community-supported program leaves a larger footprint by utilizing professional cyclocross racers to serve as inspirational figures, coaches, mentors, brand ambassadors, and product developers.

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Want to Support the Red Kite Fund?

Please consider making a cash donation via PayPal by clicking the Donate Now button below.  

You can also donate used equipment, airline or hotel miles, services, or miscellaneous items by emailing

Want to be Supported by the Red Kite Fund? 

Starting in February we are accepting applications for 2020 Cyclocross Supported Athletes. Applicants are expected to make at least 8 UCI Cyclocross race starts & maintain an active roll in at least one community service project. A full description of the RKF program, requirements, and selection criteria can be found in the application link below.